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Ycallmered , 29 Oct 2018

I need help to reduce a raised face scar

Hi everyone. This is my first time on here and it wasn’t until recently I found that skin picking was and actual condition. I had always chocked itvip to being a bad habit because I was bored or didn’t like unevenness when I ran my fingers across my skin.

In a brief history I have been picking for years. I started in high school with little bumps in my legs. It looked like I had the chicken pox and then I would find a spot on my arm or next. It would drive me crazy that I could feel a bump or my mind would play tricks that something was in it. And I was not satisfied until it was gone. I had a tool kit and in it was a nail file, nail clippers, tweezers and a pin. Now I’m my 30’s I am on my face and arms and the scars are very present.

I picked my face to a point I would be disgusted with myself and stop for a month and stare at the scar until it would go away from
Me playing with products. Now it is so bad that I have hypertrophic scars on my face and I feel like it is all people see. My boyfriend is kind and says we will get through it together and says I’m beautiful but it doesn’t take the scars away. And when people say”oh what happened to you?” I have no good story to tell but I did it to myself. I cry but I can’t stop but I am fed up and want to move forward and try to make these scars less of a painful visual of this disorder.

So my question is has anyone on here tried products to help flatten the hypertrophic scars. I will go to a Dermatoligist but I would like to try natural or home remedies first. Any experience or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


2 Answers
Constant Picker
November 01, 2018

Hi. I've been looking at the site for over a week and decided to just now make an account so I could answer your thread. I too am looking for a scar reducer for hypertrophic scars. I found a essential oil concoction online, and after looking up each individual ingredient suggested to confirm it scar reducing properties and comparing it to other recipes online, I decided to start trying it about a week ago. According to everything I researched, it should work in theory, but since I just started using it I can attest to its success yet. I just thought I would throw the recipe out there in case you are interested in giving it a shot. I already have most of these essential oils and carrier oils on hand, so it wasn't pricey for me personally. Plus you can make a ton of batches for the purchase of just one set of ingredients. Here is the recipe:


• A small empty roll on bottle
• A small funnel
• Castor oil
• Tamanu oil
• 5 drops lavender essential oil
• 5 drops helichrysum essential oil
• 5 drops carrot seed essential oil
• 5 drops elemi essential oil
• 5 drops frankincense essential oil

Apply 2-3x daily. Massage it in thoroughly for best results, but its ok to rub it in quick if you are on the go too.

I also found an entire list of essential oils that are efficient at scar reduction, so I do believe that some of these oils can be swapped out for others if you choose to do so or don't like the smell of one of these. For example the first batch I made I did not have elemi oil so i sub'd geranium oil which has strong scar reducing properties as well.

November 13, 2018

What is your skin tone and do you put anything inside the wound as it is trying to heal? Sometimes raised scars occur due to improper healing...such as something being inside the wound and preventing it from normally laying down a proper amount of collagen. Make sure that when a wound is healing that you keep it clean by rinsing it with soap and water...and applying a hydrocolloid bandaid on top. Dont apply any oils inside the wound or any other products. I have had a raised scar on the side of my cheek and was able to permanently get rid of it by doing medium depth TCA chemical peels. The TCA acid basically burned away the top portion of the scar and leveled the skin. Chemical peels are best for lighter complexions due to possible pigmentation problems in darker skin tones. Seeing a dermatologist would be beneficial. I dont think that any natural remedies will help. This is a problem of scar structure and scars are not easy to modify because they are different in texture and consistency than regular healthy collagen...oils and all of that stuff only works superficially. For scar remodeling you need to bring out the heavy duty acids or laser, dermapen. I only tried the acid and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

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