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pickitgirl , 07 Nov 2018

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Hello my name is Kylie and i am obsessed with perfect complexions. I struggle with OCD & BDD & Dermatillomania. I created this blog in hopes to reduce the stigma around this health issue, but also share my skin expertise. I want to try to turn this disorder into a passion. I spend a lot of time researching skin and looking at skin and testing products so why not share my skills for a positive twist to my darkness. Let me know what you think...

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November 13, 2018

This disorder has turned me into some form of dermatologist, where I now know much more about skin than I wish I ever needed to know. For me it basically taught me a ton about how the skin functions and the healing process of the body. The damage/heal and damage/fix struggle has been a challenge. Some days I wish I didnt have to exist because I am tired of my skin having such a strong effect on me. This issue hasnt been the only one which made me feel this way. I battled OCD from 8-17 years of age and it made me have the same thoughts....although the OCD faded and was replaced by the picking. Long term nail biting also tormented me for 25 years and finally dissipated. I hope I can beat this skin picking habit one day!

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