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aesthete , 16 Nov 2018

Picking out fat (help!)

my skin picking/hair pulling of my pubic region has become extreme, i will pluck ingrown hairs and keep digging until i pull out the actual follicle with nerves around it and it hurts but i feel so much better getting it all out? and if i keep picking (using tweezers) sometimes i’ll go as far as to reach fat, and ill pluck that out too. it’s like a light yellow (semi transparent) solid sphere and when i pull even more fat comes out?? i don’t know how i managed to dig under the actual follicle but please tell me i’m not alone

1 Answer
November 17, 2018

You aren't alone. I have done this recently. I swore I pulled out a lymph node!! And it bled badly and took forever to heal.

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