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Maceyuk , 16 Nov 2018

Nail,lips and face picking - Has anyone had a GP in the UK take you seriously?

Like many others on here I’ve been picking the skin around my fingers, face and lips since I was around 14 years old I’m now 31.

I feel like it has stemmed from being anxious and picking is a relief. I often find myself being unaware that I’m even picking in the first place only noticing when I’ve started to bleed.

It seems to have gotten worse over the years and more and more people (like my boss at work) asking what’s happened to my thumbs :( that sort of being put on the spot being asked what’s wrong with my hands makes me more anxious and pick even more.

I’ve never really wanted to seek help before as I don’t think anyone will take it seriously, has anyone in the UK been to the doctors and had them take this seriously?

I really don’t see anything helping at all!

Thanks for reading!

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