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anonanonanon , 11 Dec 2018

Questions about trying to stop?

hey guys. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place because it's my first time here, so sorry if I messed that up haha.

ive been biting my nails since I was tiny(now I'm 17), but at some point it turned into picking/biting my hands, feet, lips and any spots or scabs anywhere. I'm getting sick of it and I want to know how to stop or control it.

as it developed from a habit, I know it isn't based on anxiety or depression, so I'm not sure if antidepressants can do anything for me. Ive heard some stuff about ways to stop other than going to a GP.

firstly, I've heard about applying moisturiser when you get the urge to pick. I'd like to know, does this work? to me, it seems that, if anything, that might just cause an obsessive moisturising habit instead haha. which isn't ideal, even if it's healthier. also, if I stopped picking for a certain amount of time, would I be "cured", or would I still get the urge? I've tried to stop before and always returned to picking. but if I did stop for, say, a few months, would I still get the urge? I don't know much about the psychology behind the disorder.

if anyone knows anything about my questions or any tips to stop in general I'd be very grateful. I know everyone here is trying to stop, but I'd like to know if anyone has things to help control it, or even if anyone has managed to stop here. thanks!

2 Answers
December 11, 2018

For me its mostly stress related and I seem to take it out on my skin, but i found that if I always keep myself busy or distracted and try and limit the number of times I touch my face or look in the mirror it gives my skin time to heal and if I apply aloe vera straight after i pick or lavender oil it closes the wound so to speak and reduces the redness but I have yet to find an actual long-term way to stop myself from picking.

anxious for nothing
December 23, 2018

For me its my feeling of anxiety that causes me to pick. The more anxious I feel the more likely I take it out on my face. Let me tell you of something that has helped me tremendously. Have you heard of the product line Paula's Choice. ?They have a regimen that I have been using and it has cleared my face tremendously. I research everything that I use and I have read so many positive comments about this so I reluctantly decided to give it a try. Believe me I have tried everything that I thought would help. After only using it a few days my face cleared up. It is called the clear regular strength daily. It has helped and just wanted to pass it along.

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