what if you do have a lot of blemishes

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July 13, 2009

Well since my picking of horrible acne became a domino effect. I really don't know. I wouldn't pick at it at all, and make sure you're washing your face frequently, I use St.Ive's Apricot Invigorating Scrub. It will most likely pop the whitehead itself and perhaps since it wouldn't be you picking it, it wouldn't create a domino effect

July 14, 2009

this might sound gross but if you have a significance other that you trust, i would let them pop it for you. i know i know it sounds weird but my old girlfriend would sometimes clear the acne off my back where i cant reach and it wasn't awkward for us at all because we were so close, and of course i wasn't picking it myself so there was no domino effect.

July 19, 2009

try acne treatments and get facials!

December 13, 2009

Try Nuetrogena redness soothing gentle scrub. it reduces redness! if i feel like picking at a pimple than i use this. but don't use it too much because it will over dry your skin, and cause your natural oils to build up on your face (its not a good feeling!) medicated pads work too! you can just apply it to an affected area instead of your whole face. you'll feel cleaner and hopefully less tempted to pick at your skin since it has just been cleaned. if you do pick and your left with a scab than something like mederma so it won't scar hope this is helpful!