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December 22, 2018

Hydrocolloid Band-Aids. Over and over I can keep on repeating myself about this topic. Hydrocolloid bandaid piece over the wound, and try to keep it on as long as it sticks before changing it. Cut a little piece off, no need to use a whole large bandaid. The Band Aid brand makes some...HYDRO SEAL varieties. Can find them at drugstores, grocery stores, Amazon, etc etc. It's the best thing that helps. Btw...I learned from others on here so just passing on the info.

December 30, 2018

I've been picking the skin on my face since I was 13 and was starting to get acne. There have been periods of time when I was young that I didn't pick, but it has gotten increasingly worse. It's usually in front of a mirror and at night. Still get some acne bumps and milia, mostly in spots I had unplugged before. I've seen a few therapists who are familiar with dermatilomania and it has been helpful because it kept me on track . Keeping a log is helpful but I'm not disciplined about doing it. I think I need someone to be accountable to. I sometimes need to wear gloves when using the computer. I have started taking NAC - don't notice a difference yet. Started meditating recently . I get frustrated when I see or feel a bump(s) a few days after I had squeezed out the pores, and start picking all over again.