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mamma , 24 Jun 2009


I began the process this morning of the online counseling. I had to fill out a brief questionare. One of the questions asked "How do you feel when filling out this questionare?" Then I had to choose from several different answers. One of them was "OK". That is the one I chose because I feel like I might be headed towards recovery from this disease! I did not pick yet today : ) Yesterday was a good night too(no picking).
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June 25, 2009
You Go Girl! Yay, Mamma! Tell me, what are you doing when you feel the urge to pick? Or are the urges just not there? You are doing great!
June 25, 2009

In reply to by serenitynow

thanks : ) I still have the urge to pick, in fact, at work today I had to fight the urge not to pick this one spot on my arm where there was a bump and it looked liked something underneath would pop out if I sqeezed it.... I wanted to so bad. Finally after about 7 minutes I got a bandaid and covered it up. The last couple of nights I have just really tried to distract myself when the urge comes. I also make sure I cover my arms right away when I feel the urge coming on. My husband knows about my picking so he helps to because I make sure to leave the bathroom door open and he tells me to stop! I do hope someday the urge will be gone for good....
June 25, 2009

In reply to by mamma

Bandaids-- great idea! I'd only thought of using them AFTER picking. haha. Let me know what happens to your bump, if you don't mind. I think I have the irrational thought that whatever's underneath will just grow and grow and I MUST pick it to stop it/resolve it. In that way, picking is a relief and pleasure and I feel like I've resolved something. So, if you could tell me the bump just goes away, or whatever becomes of it, that would be great! (So far I haven't had much success just leaving those bumps alone on my arms.) But I'm working at it! Best to you and all...

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