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WonderfullyHelpless , 04 Feb 2019

Any techniques/advice?

I created an account just so I could post this and hopefully get some help with my situation.
I am a 15 year old female on ADHD medication with severe anxiety and a brief history of depression (happened once, I'm better than ever now). I do not handle stress well, but I'm not sure whether or not my skin picking is caused by it. I'm pretty sure it began because I was cooped up in a small dim room for a month, by myself, when we moved. I'm a restless girl, I absolutely HATE staying at home all day, so imagine me in a tiny hotel room with one tiny (and I mean TINY) window with no company. For a month.
My parents do not understand that yelling and screaming at me doesn't help. I usually end up crying because of the amount of stress they put me in when they scream at me, and it makes it even worse that I am uncomfortable crying. I know I sound like the typical teenager with angst and who says that the world is out to get them, etc. But I truly believe my parents are making it worse. I've been hit, screamed at, called names. They are beyond frustrated. And it makes me feel terrible about myself. I do not wish to seek psychological help as it would make me very ashamed and extremely uncomfortable. But that is the route my parents are making me take. I find that when they let ME figure it out, and don't scream at me every time I come downstairs with new spots on my face, it isn't nearly as stressful so I'm not tempted to continue picking after dinner. I do know I have a problem. I have been on a kind of rollercoaster with this picking thing. I do it on my chest in between my breasts and I've found that that area is the easiest for me to stop picking at, I don't know why. But my chest and my face will get really bad, and then the urges die down for maybe a month or two and then I'm getting better. And then I'm back to picking. It's weird, and I'm not sure why I do it.
I try to find anything that will help with pimples, whiteheads, clogged pores, etc. so that I DON'T pick. But my mother sees it as me being obsessive about my face and she yells at me for buying these products. I am only trying to better myself here. I truly want clear skin and I want to be able to wear a tank top when i want to without having to think "Oh, I've been picking there again so I can't". I know this entire post has been a little all over the place, but I just have a lot going on and I'm unsure of how to get it all down. Any suggestions that anyone may have for me so that I don't lean in to the mirror in my bathroom and pick would be beyond helpful. The times I do it are usually right before I get in the shower and before bed. I do find that if I'm rushing or I have other things on my mind that are making me hurry a bit more, important things, I usually will skip the picking and I might not even have the urge. I'm still trying to figure this out.
Once again. any suggestions for helping me stay preoccupied while doing mundane tasks in the bathroom so I don't pick would be amazing. Thank you so much for taking your time to read all of this, I'm truly grateful for any suggestions you have. Thank you!!!!
Much love <3

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