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Torianrayne , 04 Feb 2019

Intimate area picking.

Is anyone else suffering from picking of their intimate areas? I have struggled with picking for many years, bouncing from face, chest and back. Lately it’s everywhere but especially on my intimate areas.. so bad it hurts to use the washroom, to sit, walk or do anything.. I’m starting to get very stressed about the condition my body is it which makes me pick more. Vicious cycle.

Was reaching out to see if anyone else struggles from this, everything I’ve read about picking mostly relates to face, arms, back, etc. And I’m starting to think I’m bat sh*t crazy. (Excuse my language)

6 Answers
February 04, 2019

Hello there, embarrassing as it is, I have picked there as well. Definitely not nearly as bad as you have done it, but I have. I've got scars on the backs of my arms from picking as well. You aren't crazy, I promise. I feel you completely. I get stressed too about my body once I've picked, it's almost like I'm wound up and I need release. And unfortunately for people like us picking is our release. I too pick at my chest. Any area of my body that there looks to be a clogged pore I push and I squeeze at it until whatever is in there comes out. Not the greatest thing, but that's what I have a problem with. Do you do the same?

February 08, 2019

You're not alone. I've done this on and off over the years. It's stressful to have the area inflamed from picking at it and you want it to go away, but can't stop picking at it so it just makes it worse. Honestly how I've learned to leave them alone is focusing on another part of my body. Not very healthy but *shrugs*

February 08, 2019

Thanks for your comments :) wonderfully helpless, yes I pick all over my body. Mostly back, chest, butt, and intimate area.. why I attacked my intimate area was because I shaved and due to ingrowns and razor burn I picked every little bump I could feel. I’m now healing and scabbing, which I’m obsessively picking at. Most nights I try wear gloves to sleep because when I’m half asleep is when my picking is the worst. Feeling very hopeless right now

February 09, 2019

Torianrayne, No problem. :) I had the same problem. But don't give up hope, I completely understand feeling helpless. I get that same feeling when I completely destroy my skin from a round of intense pushing and picking. Would you like to talk one-on-one? I'd love to share some of my methods for coping with you. Although I'm not completely "cured" yet, I'd like to help as best I can. Always here to help because I know that feeling when you feel that no one understands/is on your side :) If you'd like, you can email me anytime at

February 09, 2019

I've also got some tips for shaving and preventing ingrowns and especially razor bumps. I have extremely sensitive skin prone to eczema and it works for me so it should work for you too.

February 28, 2019

I can totally relate!! When I first started, I only picked at my breasts (I know that sounds sick), then I gradually started picking at my stomach. Over the years it just got worse. Now I pick from my scalp to my feet. It hurts so bad to sit on the toilet to use the bathroom. It's horrible!!

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