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Tatzgirl121 , 08 Mar 2019

What is on or in my face?

I have these red sores on the corners of my mouth from me thinking they were ingrown hairs. I try to pull them out and they won't come out, they just stay in my skin and leave a raised line in my face. It got worse when it started to feel like something was crawling on my skin. I have raised bumps above my eyebrows that I think is a parasite. I could feel it move. I have these little white things that come out on my eyelids too. I have used tea tree oil and jock itch medicine on my face and it has helped a little. Every time I look in the mirror I see something on my chin that I have to plucked. I don't know what this is and I need help. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy and my face is looking like shit. PLEASE HELP!!

2 Answers
March 08, 2019

Obvious question....have you seen a dermatologist?
The eyelids....meaning along the lashline? Could be blepharitis.

March 10, 2019

What are you picking at the corners of your mouth? Is it little white raised spots? Those are sebaceous glands and they are normal. I picked the same spot last month and it took forever to heal because the mouth is always moving. I am confused about you saying that you feel things moving in your skin. Are you currently taking any drugs? Recreational drugs are known to cause such effects. There is also a condition called delusional parasitosis, which is actually a psychotic illness. Also, sometimes when wounds and scars heal they itch. This might give the impression of something crawling under the skin.

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