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EmilyRose , 27 Mar 2019

Please help me, i cant stop picking

Hi, i am a 19 year old women that has been suffering with CSP (compulsive skin picking) for the majority of my life.
I have gone through times where this condition has been severe and times when it has been manageable. It is far worse when i am worried or stressed.

Since Christmas i have been going through my worst experience with CSP. In the past the picking may last a week at the most and then i have been able to get on top of it. However, i have had an open wound on my arm which i am constantly picking since December. I feel ashamed and embarrassed because of this. It stops me from socialising, i cant wear short sleeved tops, as the scab is very large. I may use my finger nails, tweezers or anything sharp to pick this scab. It has taken over my life.

I am writing this now as i feel helpless, i am unable to get this under control. I have had numerous amounts of councilling and CBT in the past and nothing seems to help. I was wondering if you are able to give me any advice as to how i can stop picking my arm. As the wound has been open for so long i am getting extremely worried about it, recently my arm has been going into spasams and been going numb for a short amount of time, i am worried i have caused un healable damage.

if you are unable to give me any advice, i completely understand.

2 Answers
March 30, 2019

I understand what you are going through. I have been picking my nose for the last two months and I can't stop. What I have done to reduce the picking is covering the mirrors. Maybe you should cover the wound and consult a doctor for the spasms. He might be able to help you

April 03, 2019

I understand the shame, guilt, confusion, and down right being tired and feeling hopeless. Don't know if you're religious, but prayer helps. Know what sets you off. What anxiety, what stress, what factor sets you on the frenzy. I personally suggest any medication that can get you out of the compulsive pattern. They say Prozac, I am,on Cymbalta and I've had 2 days no,picking but its a conscious effort. good luck and God Bless

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