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Remix , 10 Apr 2019

lots of picking

I'm new here so i'm just gonna go with it, so typically I pick at my face a lot to the point my face is bleeding everyday and it get stressful when people tell me i'm bleeding and it gets really awkward. I'm in high school so i'm really stress about getting things done. I pick at any bump or anything with a head on it like a zit or a black head to the point my face is covered in scars. my dad had the same issue and I think he passed it down to me and my oldest sister because us three all need to check each others back for pimples or black head. To calm myself down in class I pick at my shoulders and my upper back (that's where most of my acne is) and I have a lot of scarring on my back and it makes me really insecure to wear tank tops or even regular shirts, sometimes I hate going to school with a giant scab on my face because I was picking on something the night before. I also peel my lips with my teeth, I kinda just rip off excess skin and it helps me focus for some reason same with biting the inside of my cheek, I never realized it was a serious issue until I was searching up medical conditioned on a website and found out this is an actual issue that I have and never knew about. This is my first time here and i'm happy to know i'm not the only person and I can tell people about this issue without people running away being grossed out.

3 Answers
April 16, 2019

Is your home environment stressful? School will always be stressful, try and find things that calm you down and at the same time distract from the picking. I think it has a lot to do with the environment we are in. And even if you change the environment, the physiology of the body has to gradually change over time, the mind will have to slowly adjust. The habit becomes ingrained and takes a while to resolve, even when there is a positive change. Thats why its so important to create a calming environment, so that the body isnt sensitized to begin with.

Jayna Dinnyes
April 20, 2019

It seems to me that you are too young to be so stressed out. There's lots of time for that later! My advice? Get on a good nutritional diet and pro biotics. Because you are so nervous maybe you should order B100 capsules (Swanson Vitamins) and Doctor's Best D3 capsules 5000 i.u. (There isn't a toxic amount in this form.) These will calm you down and improve your skin.Purchase Calamine lotion for the itching. Walmart has a Swan brand bottle for less than $6.00. Put it on and leave it on until you will not itch there anymore. It is healing years' long sores on my upper back and arms that I did not cause. I bothered them when the scabs started to itch. (Very annoying!) Now maybe I can show my upper arms. YEA! ( I also post publicly on Facebook.) Serene, my prayer is that you really will become SERENE!

Jayna Dinnyes
April 20, 2019

Please forgive me. My comment was meant for Remix not serene. I am brand new here, too, and do not know how to edit my post.

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