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Mo Mo , 10 Apr 2019

Chickenpox scabs - can I put some sort of lotion, oil to prevent scarring now?

Hi everyone.
Recently, I caught chickenpox from my son. I’m 28 years old and I didn’t get them as a child.
I was told that if you pick the scabs, they will leave scarring so I am really trying to make sure I don’t pick them accidentally. But then I have researched that regardless of you picking them or scratching them, that they can leave scarring anyway. Is this true?
To prevent scarring, I would like to know if there’s anything I can use now on the scabs, that will stop scarring when the scabs do eventually fall off on there own?

Also, I have used calomine lotion on face but I cannot get it off my scabs. So they look like white dots on my face and I refused to try and pick at them just in case I accidentally rub one of them off! I tried to upload a photo for you all to see but I can’t seem to.

What can I do? And is there anything I can even do to prevent scarring whilst the scabs are still on my face?

Also, my son accidentally rubbed off a scab on his face which was not ready to fall off yet and i’m Also worried that it will leave a scar when the skin eventually does heal.

Please any help and advice would be really helpful as this is psychologically affecting!!!

Thank you xxx.

1 Answer
April 16, 2019

Try hydrocolloid bandaids. I never had chicken pox nor ever knew anyone who had it...but its worth a shot. You can pick up some Band Aid Hydro Seal bandaids and cut them into small pieces to stick onto the scabs...and just leave them on until they fall off or peel off easily. Maybe try with one scar first and see how it works and if it helps in the healing. The bandaid acts as a scab so that the skin underneath can heal much faster.

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