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missmiller165 , 27 Apr 2019

Dark spot solution

so I have read some of the post and wanted to share with everyone a wonderful solution for acne scars. About 2 months ago I was battling a acne problem I had never experienced even in my teenage years. It seemed like when one or three pimples were starting to vanish 2 were forming and surfacing on my face. these pesky fuckers were hard to pop and left me with the worst looking dark spots on my entire face after buying proactive and no success with that I went in to talk to a doctor about what was going on he prescribed a little nightmare named benzoyl peroxide a topical soap. Well this might work for some people but for my skin which im african american like a deep carmel shade turns the skin into a darker black almost color so i applied this to my cheek area mainly uh oh! this mess made me look like i had a 5 o'clock shadow like a man WTF! so I researched my condition and discovered that people my skin tone should not use this medication. so after getting even more horrific skin thanks doc! I stumbled on urban skin rx and found my maricle the have dark spot treatments soaps and other products that can get you face back to the person you know.

1 Answer
April 06, 2021

I had faced many dark spot issue before, but now it's resolved, I don't know it was an age issue or something, but I use skin cream which I got through, and still I am using it on my skin, mostly I avoid skin cream but some which I feel good, then I use it.

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