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evans535 , 22 Jun 2019

Am I Too Old?

I am a 59 yo female. I've only been picking my skin about 1 year. I've read online that skin picking disorder starts by age 45. So do I really have it or is it some other reason.?

I pick at little tiny black spots and white bumps on my arms and the backs of my hands.

I pick all the scabs in the morning and off and on through out the day.

I examine my hands and arms when I'm in good lighting to look for new "spots". If I see any, I immediatly pick them.

I've on a few occasions picked scabs in the dark.

If there is much bleeding I wipe it with a finger wettened in my moutg.

I feel embarrassed in public places but I live in area where the daytime temp makes it impossible for me to wear long sleeves. Still, I don't stay home.

1 Answer
October 22, 2019

I'm no expert, so I don't know what technically classifies as the official thing. However, if it is a problem for you and you are distressed by it, then it is a problem. Why not try to do something? the techniques used in CBT are not going to hurt anything. In my opinion, mild or severe, it's helpful. Doing CBT, or even utilizing the self monitoring app may help you find the reason, whatever it may be.

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