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October 22, 2019

I have found the online therapy in this website's program super helpful. I had gone to an in person therapist in the past, was helpful in some ways, but not specifically for my skin picking issue. Acceptance is a big factor, and at some point, in my opinion, you will have to come to that. I too used to never leave the house without makeup. I would keep it with me, every time I went to the bathroom, reapplying to recover any spots I had picked. Still wear makeup to work to cover scars, but have now gone whole weekends without a drop of makeup. It's worth it. You can start slowly, just do it for an hour. Or go to a public place but where there are very few people or where no one will see you up close, like a big open park. Maybe it won't feel so traumatizing then. Focus on your strengths, all the good you have to give. You are worth it, you can do this for yourself!