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lcohen , 25 Jun 2019

Compromised immune system?

Does anyone ever feel weak and tired after a huge picking session? I'm generally very easily fatigued, and prone to colds, flu, etc. I've often wondered if it's because my immune system is in constant overdrive and focused on the wounds I'm picking ALL THE TIME, that it has nothing left. I'm not talking about blood loss either, as none of my wounds ever produce a whole lot of blood. I must say my wounds do heal quickly, when I let them. I'm always amazed how blood can clot and scabs form so quickly. When I pick a scab I know it will just be 4-5 hours before I can pick it again, and if I wait overnight it will have healed to a level where I can get a real satisfying crunch again. The body/skin is truly amazing. It's weird to think about my immune system in constant repair mode of wounds. Would it be easier for cancer cells (for example) to flourish in someone who is always picking, because the immune system is weaker? This would be slightly motivating for me to stop picking. Or is it actually stronger?? I don't even know if I'm making any sense, biologically. Anyway I'm new here and a lifelong picker. I love it, but hate the dark spots I get when a scab has been picked out, especially in summer!!! I focus on my legs and shoulders. I am able to leave my face alone unless there is something very rough I just have to get it off. I currently have no active scabs (except a glorious hidden one just inside my ear) but I have some recent dark circles where I picked bug bites to death. I find that tanning them helps, while putting high spf sunblock on JUST the dark circle very carefully. It blends fairly well, of course the middle eventually is a circle of white scar but I don't mind those that much.

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