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ocp.n.scared , 26 Jul 2019


I pick my nose obsessively and I've sometimes eaten my boogers. I pick things on my skin as well but I don't eat anything other than my boogers. I've done this since I was very young. It wasn't an issue until after my second military tour overseas in 2012. Desert boogers are massive and it started getting so much worse. I convinced myself that I was "cleaning" out my nose but I can tell you that this has gotten out of hand. I've been at the point for about a year now that I KNOW I HAVE to stop. I know I need to seek professional help with the compulsive behavior because it has become self-mutilation. My nose bleeds are starting to get out of control and scary and I no longer have a nasal septum. I'm terrified of what I've done to myself and I'm even more terrified of will happen if I don't get help. How does one go to a stranger and admit to this though? I'm so scared.

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