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tulip14 , 10 Aug 2019

*Trigger warning * - Hole

So I have been completely stupid and created a hole in my face from picking and I mean a deep hole. I am not a skin expert so I really can’t see how it will ever close over. I know some wounds need stitches but this isn’t bleeding but I’m despairing that I will have to go round with a hole in my face the rest of my life. Anyone any words of wisdom? Have had a swan taken to see if there is any infection and results come on Monday

1 Answer
September 07, 2019

Oh I can't even count how many times I have done this....and then you have an inflamed ring of raised skin around the hole to boot. And trying to cover it with make up is always a disaster....ive tried everything to fix them when I create them...and there is never a quick fix overnight cure unfortunatly. Try the calamine lotion remedy...or tea tree oil...neem oil...witch hazel...moisterizing face masks ... Coconut oil... Antibiotic ointment... Petroleum jelly... Straight aloe from a plant...vitamen a name it I've tried it...they all work to some degree but with deep wounds it always takes a long time to heal...especially when covering it with make up during the day....good luck and cause know what you're going through

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