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Joke8joke , 26 Aug 2019

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Hi all I just want to come on here to offer you all some hope. I.m 34 years old and have been a picker for approx 20 years. Over the years I have picked holes in my face, used tweezers to dig deep and spent hours in front of the mirror poking at tiny imperfections in my skin and creating huge soresand scabs. Tonight I returned to my horrid picking for about 10 mins and tried to dig out two blackheads with nails so a little cutunder my nose but I.m done with picking most of the time. My skin is scarred and bumpy from years of picking but this summer for the first time in 20 years I was able to go make up free and wow it feels good. I use bit of concealer the odd time but pretty much make up free.. if you are a picker please stop. Seek help from a professional before it's too late. You'll feel a million times better inside and out x

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