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Yunios , 12 Nov 2019

Trick to stop finger picking and nail biting

This is what has worked for me:
I’ve found that taping up my fingers is usually a surefire way to get them to heal and helps me be more aware. Bandaids are expensive and fall off quickly, so I started taping my fingers with regular masking tape overnight. Sometimes I would use painters tape because it’s around. I’d go out to do daily stuff with colored tape all over my fingers and toes and not really care. People didn’t care either.

Then when I worked at a hospital for a bit, I found the best tape ever- surgical tape ! the soft fabric kind that’s used to secure devices to your skin. It’s that kind that hurts to peel off and will leave you hairless!

It’s super sticky , comes in different sizes, and lasts so long. When I taped my fingers i could wash my hands like normal through the day and it doesn’t fall off. It is flexible, it breathes, and is so secure that I would need scissors to remove it.
You can also put a little vitamin oil on the most affected area before taping, and the skin rejuvenates really fast when given the chance.

You can find this tape probably at every first aid section of a drugstore. If not it’s on amazon. Use a nude color tape if you want to be discreet. Or if you don’t care use white and just tell people you have a skin thing you’re trying to heal.

I found that when my fingers are nearly healed and more moisturized, there’s not as much to pick, so the picking relapses are minor and don’t spiral out of control when my hands are bare.

Now I just need an effective method to stop picking my face...

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