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Let-it-be , 23 Nov 2019


I haven’t posted in awhile! Maybe a year? I don’t know. I had pretty much stopped picking my skin. That’s what my last post was about. I went from 100% Dermatillomania to maybe more of a normal pop here and there. My skin has been night and day different. When I do pop (which I am so hard myself for because I feel like it’s a step back) it looks like a normal red mark anyone would have from a blemish, not a wound.
So the reason I’m posting today is because something really cool has happened recently. I have been breaking out non stop! I know that doesn’t sound cool. But hear me out. I typically have good skin, not perfect, but normal. And I would attack little non-existent spots that I’d have to search for and create huge problems. Now I keep getting new little spots almost everyday. They’re not bad but consistent. I am trying to figure out why....but in the mean time....I’m literally not touching my face. Like every day, not even touching. And my brain is learning to let stuff be like I never have. It suddenly clicked that if I can’t keep my skin clear right now for whatever reason I have one thing I can control. And when I don’t touch them I literally don’t even have to cover with makeup because they’re so tiny. And then in a day or two they’re gone by themselves.
I think I needed this to finally let this obsession go completely. I never actually had a legit skin problem that had to teach me self control to this level. It’s so cool guys. Your skin does NOT need to be touched and assisted and extracted to heal breakouts. It can heal it’s self!

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March 30, 2020

I know what you mean it feels good to have self control in that way

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