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May 02, 2020

Shows your hard work and its much appreciated. Products trial and error is helpful, albeit confusing much of the time. Thanks for the perspective and most important points regarding recovery.

June 13, 2020

I agree! Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. It took me quite some time and only after therapy that I was able to get to this point where I am at. But your point about the 'shift' in your goal from 'perfection' to 'healthy,' totally resonates with me. It sounds simple but that shift in thinking really is revolutionary! It made such a difference for me. I spent a lot of years making a lot of really bad wounds, and being kind to my skin, pimples and all, is a much better route. The spiraling and fixing was definitely me. I make mistakes every once in awhile, but it's no longer a constant cycle. I think a lot of what you are getting at here has to do with positive reinforcement (feeling good about being kind to yourself, instead of punishing yourself for imperfections) -so important! The negative self-talk has been really bad for me in the past, almost worse than the picking itself. Each definitely would make the other worse. A little self-compassion goes a long way!

July 07, 2020

I totally agree! When I forget about perfecction and just do what is healthy for my skin for even a few days I notice a HUGE improvement. Certain areas can look great! I have this issue with various areas of my body more than my face so it's easier to hid but I personally feel more embarrassing because I have to hid it so much. And picking at your body just seems ...grosser? But sometimes I get so busy I forget to pick for a few days sometimes a week I just try and lightly exfoliate and moisturize and I always love the result. .. then eventually I tend to get a blemish or an ingrown hair and get into a picking cycle. But when I remember what you said. Just get your skin healthy not perfect it helps immensely.