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throwaway_566 , 30 May 2020

Pubic Trichotillomania and Sex

NSFW but i need advice: I’m 16 and when I was about 13, I started tweezing my pubes. I’ve always hated having body hair and imperfections. The front of my vagina is all scarred and scabbed now and I’m really ashamed of it but I can’t stop. Will it ever look normal again? I’ve also recently met a wonderful guy and I’m a virgin but once this quarantine ends, we’re planning to possibly fool around a bit. I don’t know if he’d understand what’s been happening- it’s gotta be a turn off. Are guys usually ok with girls who aren’t completely clean-shaven down there? Because it looks weird while I am but I also don’t want hair to be in the way like if he’s e*ting me out. How quickly can it heal? Are there any ways to speed it up?

1 Answer
May 31, 2020

I understand it may be difficult to quit this habit but please try to quit doing this to yourself and know that hair down there is not gross and it's not a turn off. Yes some guys may prefer the area to be clean shaven for oral sex. I think it depends on the guy. If you would feel more confident to be clean shaven down there, then just shave, but do not keep pulling the hair out, especially if its causing damage to the area.

- a guy

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