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cawille2 , 01 Jun 2020

Interest in an Online Dermatillomania/Trichotillomania Support Group?

Hey everyone. My name is Chelsey and I have been an avid skin picker since I was about 13 (now 28). I have so many scars that I hide behind and continually find myself creating new ones. I have found that having a community who understands what you are experiencing can be very helpful, especially for compulsive skin picking. Would anyone be interested in virtual Dermatillomania/Trichotillomania online meetings? These meetings would be 100% confidential, judgement free (goes without saying) and conducted more or less like an AA meeting. Anyone is welcome and I am hoping to conduct the meetings through Zoom or another online video platform. If you are interested, please email me at I want to recover, as many of you do, and believe we can do so together as a community. Thanks and stay safe and healthy everyone during these trying times.

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Sima Schloss
June 08, 2020

That would be wonderful.. I've been picking at my scabs for as long as I can remember- I've only started facing it in the past couple of years and have only started being able to talk about it in the past 5 years.. I think a community of people who struggle with this would be really helpful!

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