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Satanic Butterfly , 02 Jun 2020

Getting rid of severe scars

Hi guys,

I’m 16 and a pretty severe skin picker. I’ve been picking my face ever since I was 10, but when I started taking Ritalin for my ADD it got worse. I started picking my legs, arms, chest, back, nipples and pubic area. It’s calmed down now, after I got severe infections which had to be treated with antibiotics I realized I couldn’t go on like that. I don’t spend 2 hours picking under the bathroom light anymore, but I am REALLY ashamed of my scars. I self-harmed too, but those scars are less embarrassing than the dermatillomania ones. It’s just so weird and gross.

Anyway, does anyone have do’s & don’ts on getting rid of the scars? They’re pretty bad so I don’t expect them to go away completely, but it’d be nice if they faded.

Much love!

P.S. Can you attach pictures?

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