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bestskintreatment , 08 Jun 2020

Understand the skin Protective barrier of the skin

The skin, the largest organ in the body, is our first and best defense against external aggressions. When the skin is healthy, its outer layers work hard to protect us, but when its condition is compromised, its ability to work as an effective barrier is reduced. Choosing the best for skincare and using products that contain dexpanthenol is a good option since they help us protect it, enhance its natural defenses and preserve them, achieving a good appearance and sensations typical of their nature, which help to the skin in its task of protecting us.

The role of the skin
The skin is a sophisticated multitasking structure that performs many essential functions for our general well-being.

Play an important psychological role. As the most visible indication of health, the state of our skin affects our sensations, how we feel about ourselves and how others see us.

But the most important role of the skin is to be the first line of defense between our body and the world in which we live, it protects us and helps us to stay healthy: Maintaining the balance of fluids in the body and preventing moisture loss, when necessary. Regulating body temperature: isolates our body, conserves heat in cold weather, and breathes to cool the body when heated. Sensing pressure and pain: absorbs shock and alerts us to danger. Protecting the whole body against external aggressors.

What does our skin protect us from?
The many external factors that protect our skin are, among others:

Changes in temperature and humidity : the skin helps regulate body temperature, control moisture loss and maintain fluid balance.
Disease : the skin acts to neutralize external aggressive agents such as bacteria, viruses and contamination and prevents them from entering the body.
UVA light : Excessive exposure to these rays generates free radicals - aggressive molecules that can cause skin damage.
Pressure, bumps and chafing : the skin recognizes pain and warns us of danger. It acts as a shock absorbing barrier.
Chemicals : The skin is our first line of defense against aggressive substances that we can find in our workplace or at home, where we normally use strong cleaning products or provide inadequate care to our skin.

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