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Daylight683 , 14 Jul 2020

Lip Picking

Growing up I always bit my nails until I got my braces. After that, I stopped. But I now have turned to another habit which is picking at my lips. It’s gotten worse over the years to the point where I make them bleed. I usually do it once daily and I don’t notice till my mom yells at me. This is making me feel ashamed and I have to make up an excuse for my boyfriend to not kiss me. Is this normal or is this a sign of something else? A mental illness maybe? Depression “runs” in my family and both my mother and grandma have it. Or it could be social anxiety which is something I think I may have. Thank you.

1 Answer
July 16, 2020

I don't know that anyone on this forum can tell you if it is a symptom of a mental illness, only a professional could diagnose you in that way. However, diagnosis isn't really the important thing anyway. Anyone may have varying degrees of depression and anxiety just as part of 'normal' life. Not trying to belittle your question, but in my opinion, what really matters is how it affects your life and to what degree. If you are having shame because of a behavior and it is affecting your relationships, then it may be something you want to try and address whether it accompanies an official diagnosis of depression and anxiety or not. In my experience, depression, anxiety and shame do seem to be common experiences to many people who pick their skin though.

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