Nail bitting, skin picking and taking nails off

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July 16, 2020

I definitely don't think that you are the only one. It's a difficult problem for sure. Have you tried wearing gloves? Or wearing a band aid over the nails that you pick at (like if it just tends to be certain ones?). If the biting helps your anxiety have you tried chewing gum or ice? Also, have you ever tried body scan meditation? It may not be for everyone, but personally I have found that when I am consistently doing a body scan or self compassion meditation every morning, I have less anxiety and less urges to pick over all. I swear I having nothing to gain from promoting this book, but I will talk about it all day, because I loved it so much. "Self-Compasssion" by Kristin Neff. I highly recommend it. I knew I had a lot of guilt and shame and self criticism with my picking, but I didn't realize how much and how it was really impacting me and making my problem worse. Even more than that, I didn't really know how to treat myself differently. This book gives some really great examples of how to relate to yourself in a more compassionate way. It made a big difference for me.