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serenitynow , 30 Jun 2009


I was at a wedding on Saturday. Sunny day, happy people. Really, I had nothing to be upset about, but I chose to dwell on the fact that all the women-- ALL the women (but me)had sleeveless shirts/dresses on. I usually think of myself as a fairly normal person until I think about my arms and the secret I've been hiding. And then I feel terrible, realizing all those other people haven't wasted what probably amounts to YEARS agonizing over small bumps nobody really cares about! I can't seem to be anywhere without glancing at other peoples' arms, desperately looking for other people like me. Thank god for this site! (You are all real people, right?) ; )
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July 05, 2009
Hi, Yes, I am a real person just like you with exactly the same thing in my head. I check other woman for imperfections of skin conditions to see if they are like me but I have seen worst than us. Such as the day I was at the pool and saw this young woman in early 20's and had horible stretch marks all over her body and extremely overweight wearing a two piece bikini. And I thought for a minute gee, I wish I was gotsy like her or gee I wish I wasn't so self contious about my self like her. She had the worst stretch marks and over weight and wearing a bikini that was so tight on her body. I felt she was calling for attention. But, I am just like you checking other women for scars to see if they are like me. Some times if I do see some, another question comes to my mind like, are they drug addicts or have the same issue that I have. But, yes i am like you, and I do think the same things that you think because I have to make sure that I always wear things that cover my back and some times my arms. My arms and leggs are not so bad, but my back looks like I was shoot h at least 50 times and I am so self contiouse about it. I know my mother also has this same issue and one brother that peals the bottom of his feet. I also think that many people in the world have some kind of an addiction or obbsession such as alcohol, drugs, over eating problems and so on, that in many ways they are like us. So we are not along O.k. Just stay positive and cut your nails extremly short or wear acrylic nails and try covering your fresh scabs with band-aids that contain antibiotic to heal them faster! Take care! By the way, I am a new member today and I am so happy I found this website that after reading many of ther peoples storys, we are not so bad with our case. So let't try to stay positive!

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