My thumbs are killing me

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July 27, 2020

I definitely understand how it feels when you have something that you just have to pick at. I usually pick at the skin on my face, and I'm never satisfied until I pop a pimple or get the stuff out of a blackhead. One thing that has helped me a lot is putting band aids on my fingers. I put them on so that they're really tight, and for me it reduces the urge to pick. Another thing that is helpful is just taking care of yourself as much as you can in general, getting enough sleep and exercise are really important. Remember to be kind to yourself too!! Don't beat yourself up every time you pick. Good luck!!! ;)

July 28, 2020

That never-ending cycle can be so frustrating! I have found that using a lidocaine/antiseptic spray helps so much. (I have used this one, but I think anything similar would work It numbs the pain, therefore taking away that pain trigger, and it helps it heal with the antiseptic. I think since your picking spot is on your thumb, I'd spray it, then put a band aid on it, and then maybe even gloves over that. Keeps you from picking and it's numbed, so it doesn't drive you crazy. The other thing that I really like is mindfulness meditation, I especially like the ones about equanimity, or accepting and letting go. It helps me to not give in as much to the urges, because it acknowledges the thing (like a picking urge for example), and then sort of helps you to let it be there without having to act on it and respond. I feel I can more easily let it be, and then eventually the urge just passes on it's own. When I think about 'resisting, resisting', trying to ignore it and using will power, it just makes the urge gain momentum and get bigger and bigger until it's so overwhelming that I'm obsessed about it until I do something to relieve it. So, the meditation is sort of like 'practicing' to 'acknowledge and let go' or use 'equanimity' in the moments when I have an urge. Hope this helps! Good luck!