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shalily , 04 Aug 2020

art expressions of skin picking

So, I was looking at this website that someone below mentioned (thank you by the way, Bella1102 for posting it!), and came across this collection of art that people have submitted about skin picking.

I found that looking at this art was really amazing. It's like seeing the struggle that we all have, something that we often try to keep so hidden and are so ashamed of, and it's right out there in front of you. Really freeing in a way. Sad to see the expressions of struggle, but at the same time, comforting in seeing that we aren't alone. Freeing to see an expression of something so private, embarrassing and hard to express sometimes. It's like it normalizes it and makes it easier to bring it out and talk about it. Or, like the site says -it's difficult to talk about it, so draw about it. Not all the art reflects struggles, pain and shame, though. Some of the art reflects acceptance and beauty despite what we often perceive as flaws -this was really moving and especially inspiring for me.

It's been really good to talk about skin picking on this forum, and with a therapist, but this art -a whole different level of therapeutic.

2 Answers
August 04, 2020

I'm so glad the websites were helpful! Also, Liz Atkin is an artist who uses art to help w/her skin picking if you're interested. ;)

August 05, 2020

Thanks again! I had never heard of Liz Atkin, but I just looked up her website, totally awesome! Her art and her way of advocating and educating is so inspiring :)

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