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September 19, 2020

I pick it until it’s red and scabs. For me, it turns me on. I have my boyfriend pick it too. Navel fetish is a real thing so ask yourself if you just pick this area or other areas too. If this isn’t the only area, seek help! But, hey, if it feels good & it’s the only spot, I say just keep it clean & pick away

February 09, 2021

I have been picking my belly button since I could remember. For me, it started out as a way to hide my ocd and nervousness. Now at 34, I still find myself doing it. Doctors have said to stop but I don’t listen. For me though, im with belbygirl, the sexual gratification behind it is worth it and if it feels good and you take care of it, keep doing it.The next thing for me is finding someone to ask to do it for me because I’ve never had the courage. Any suggestions on how to ask belby?

March 09, 2021

So, your wish has officially been granted. I made an official bellybutton picking forum on Reddit today. All you have to do is type bellybutton picking in your search engine. Come unload your wildest fantasies in the group. I’m also looking for other admins as well, to help filter out the unwanted and individuals that break the rules. You can message me and find my username in the group.