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Professional_i… , 12 Sep 2020

September 2020 - white plugs, black specs lesions etc.

Found myself finding comfort somewhat stumbling upon these forums whenever an unusual symptom presented itself.

Anyone obtain a diagnosis on whats hallening?

I'm 35. My teeth at times incapacitate me as they deteriorate and crumble. My skin goes through changes. In appearance. Some days i look sun burnt. Some days tanned. Up closw I can see the off receding akin. Sometimes it seems to dissolve away leaving behind crumbs of a weird texture.

My punch biopsy came back negative for anything.

When I I developed an irregular heart beat my ECG came back healthy.

Its like this thing can avoid imaging technology. Maybe I'm getting carried away.

This is not merely a skin infection. Its a systemic infection of the entire body. We are just seeing the external effects. How come people post in desperation a familiar story. This doesn't exist in western Medicine.

A new disease? Manmade agent? Nano technology.

I know one thing. This disease progresses ever changing as it grows intertwined through out tissues maybe using our cellular mechanics to become us.

I wonder what's next. If this is morgellons how unfortunate for us to be generation 1.

I have lot obseevations. Looking forward to discussing.

Curious to hear what happens next. I always have a scar reemerge as a lesion or rash on my face. Same sports but appear different each time. Like this is work in progress.

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