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fuzzy_ferret_luver , 30 Jun 2009

I'm new here...Support needed

Wow! I just found this and it's amazing...I didn't know people had the same problem as me. In fact, I didn't even know it was a disorder. I thought I was just disgusting and gross. I've been picking my scabs for as long as I could remember. It has somewhat stemmed/morphed into self-harm since my freshman year of high school (I am now a sophomore in college). I do have scars on my arms, but they are not near as bad as the ones on my legs. I wish all my scars would somehow migrate to the top of my legs so that I could actually wear shorts, but I have to wear pants all the time with how horrible the scars are on my lower legs. And there are so many of them. My parents think it's just a bad habit. I'm tempted to show them this site to show them that it's not just a bad habit, but...I'm unsure how they will react. I'm a preacher's kid, so I feel like I'm supposed to be perfect, and I feel like this will just backfire on me. And that they won't understand or be disgusted. My scars/scab picking affect my social life and my mental health. I am already very overweight, and really pale, so I probably wouldn't wear shorts much anyway, but I really can't because of these scars. I had to decline a canoeing trip with my college friends (I made up an excuse that I was busy) because I don't want to wear my swimsuit and have them see all the scars on my legs. And they'd probably ask about them. Most people do, or they just stare. Both are horrible. I try to be confident, but as soon as someone looks down at my legs, my confidence is shattered and I feel like hiding again. I have a float trip with my church coming up. The ironic thing is that I love to swim. I just hate wearing a swimsuit and showing my legs. I try and stay in the water most of the time instead of floating on top of my tube for the world to see my legs, but we usually make a few stops to snack and just chill on the beach of the river. I also feel worthless because I compare myself to my twin (who is much better than me. Thinner, tanner, no scabs...) and I also wonder who in the world would ever want to be with me with how ugly my legs are. :( I don't really know what I'm asking for. Support I guess.
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July 01, 2009
I can totally relate to you...when I was about 9 years old & i used to pick at my both legs. It was horrible so I had to wear a short and a board shorts (luckil, I had it since in High School). Why don't you wear a board shorts to cover to your legs? I thought it might be helpful. It's okay that some people will asking you about your scars and just tell the truth because they won't judge you the way you looked but trust me, I'm a same boat as you too. I was really afraid of what people might thinks of my scarred body. I don't think that they will makes them too happy about it because it could hurts their feelings I guess..I have my own reasons why I did pck years ago and never thought of that problems of mine..Just stay strong and you can do it! Oh, Make sure you will keep your hand busy at times when you're not bored or whatever that makes you so busy..just try it and it's worked! Just let me know how it go?
March 16, 2012
hi, I cannot stop picking at a scab on my head that used to be a burn I got from haircolor.that healed and so I still pick at it and it is just as bad as before .I have about an inch bare spot on my head and it is so embarassing . no ,one understands this and when they see this they continually stare at you like you have mud on your face or something. If anyone is intrested there is a website for hair pulling ,skin picking etc. that one can go to.It is at maybe we can get help for these body obsessed disorders . caroline

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