It feels like nothing is working... any suggestions/shared-pity?

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October 16, 2020

Hi, I too am still struggling with picking after many attempts to stop. The reason we’re picking is because of anxiety. It creates tension in the body that needs to be released somehow. It’s not really effective to address the picking if the anxiety isn’t addressed. I even feel that if the anxiety is halted we would just “miraculously” stop picking as the tension wouldn’t exist anymore. Now the question is— how on this earth do we fix anxiety??

November 18, 2020

Hi! I’ve been suffering from skin popping/squeezing for maybe 10ish years. It sucks so freaking bad. It is such an incredible heavy weight on my shoulders. I do it to relieve stress, and also I just love when you see/hear the pop. Whether it’s a white head, a filled pore, etc. I’m literally ruining my skin. I’ve tried to stop in the past but haven’t fully been successful. Which makes it harder to have hope for the future. I have white scars that I think will eventually go away (they have in the past) but they take a long time. So it’s embarrassing. It’s so easy to think, ok I’m done, but then in the moment it’s so unbelievably hard. sometimes I try to think , if I pick more I’ll make it worse long term and I DONT WANT THAT. And I can live with how it is if I stop now. That sometimes motivates me to stop but in moment of weakness or stress it’s hard! Sometimes I try to start the day and NOT LOOK at all (mostly chest, face, shoulders, back). That’s always been the most successful when I don’t look or feel, because then I don’t know what’s there to squeeze. It was way when I lived in a cold climate so I’d wear turtle necks but now I’m in a hot climate! I’m hoping that talking about this with others will help me.