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Justlurking , 10 Dec 2020

Lip Picking Hurties

I will be talking about the Lip Picking Hurties in the 2nd half of this below, but the 1st part is just the introduction into how I got this way:

I do suffer from dermatillomania, however, I am somewhat in remission as 3 years ago I found a way to let my wounds heal and to keep my hands off my face and not pick and this was mostly due to getting blemish and acne control over my face. ( also while in deep talk therapy!) I eliminated the need to pick by getting rid of things to pick. Even though I was picking at imaginary blemishes, dots or marks, it was exasperated by having real tangible things to pick. What worked for me was getting on the medication Spironlactone which was prescribed by my Dermatologist. I can't believe after 1 month, everything cleared up and I never ever get acne, zits, blemishes unless I get super lazy and gross and never wash my face around my period or sleep with makeup on for like 3 nights in a row, I have to do a lot for a zit or two to pop up. But taking this medication has pros and cons for me because if I accidentally skip a dose or two, the side effects for me is 1. becoming extremely fatigued, like that exhaustion you get when you just need more sleep kind of fatigue, and 2. sometimes I could start spotting and that could parlay into a full-blown period. It almost has characteristics of birth control but it's not. How I avoid that fate is by trying to take my medication correctly, but hey I am human. But for some people, they have none of those side effects and I guess I'm just lucky. However, the medication saved my life as far as skin-picking goes. So in this case the pros were definitely worth the cons. Also, I decided to be OCD about my skincare regime instead of picking. It was rare for me to get super lazy with my skincare. Once I got into that groove of having clear skin and having a great skincare routine, I was proud and wanted to upkeep it and I did for the last 3 years. Except for 2 months ago I got lazy during a period and didn't wash my face for a week and had a lot of greasy blackheads on my nose and chin (probably imaginary) and I CAVED. I took my tweezer and tried to pull them out, it was like the addiction came flooding back and it felt so good even though I made a bigger mess than what was probably because there was NOTHING to pull out and I was pulling at healthy skin. I if I thought I had them all I had to do is wash my face, exfoliate, or do my salicylic acid serum on blackheads and it would be fine. Anyway, where I used the tweezers turned to little scabs and then I pulled those off and somehow I snapped out of my trance and recovered and haven't done anything since. Pick Free

So I've been conquering SKIN PICKING but I have been relieving my urges of picking elsewhere and taking it out on my poor LIPS! They have received a beating. This is my struggle I am working on now and I am halfway there. I have extremely dry lips all of the time and I use Aquaphor and lip masks all of the time but since I suffer from Dermatillomania sometimes I cave before I can get on that moisture. I will peel off that clear dry skin on my lip and sometimes it will peel and peel until I feel it going deeper into my lip and I pull it out and it will start to bleed. Then before I know it I am in a mish-mosh mixture of uneven dry skin lip layers bleeding here and there and then it will stop I will slather Aquaphor on it and it will be fine. Then maybe a scab will form. But then these areas of pain will happen underneath my lip skin, and it's not so simple as it is well like duh, of course, your lip skin hurts you just picked the sh!t out of it, no, these are specific areas that always hurt every time I get dry skin and peel the skin off. And these little hurts areas will hurt my lip unless I pick them out. So with my tweezers that I sanitize very often will go into the area of the pain and go for it and pull out the skin of the area that hurts and usually, some skin tissue will some along with it with some blood and immediate relief is after that. Sometimes after I clear off the blood the skin tissue is just clear, sometimes it's clear with black hair in it, and sometimes the skin tissue is brownish pink with areas with different colored spots on it. Sometimes I will have to work on a hurting spot. There will be a spot that is deep and I can't get to do so I'll pick at it and will pull some skin and tissue out and I'll have to stop because I can't go in that deep so my lip will be in pain until the next time my skin is so dry then I can peel it again. Sometimes if I peel and cause a tiny scab, I can't let it be because it throbs and it feels like there is all this crud that has risen and gathered underneath it and I will pull it off and there is some weirdness crap in there. Sometimes little tissue pieces will have these little spikes sticking out of them or it looks like it and that's exactly what it feels like. Anyone else with Lip Picking problems has issues or experience anything like this?

1 Answer
February 23, 2021

I have a bit of a lip picking obsession. I will pick at my nail cuticles and then use the rough bits of my cuticles to scratch and poke my lips.

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