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adammac , 01 Jul 2009

Toe Picker, Nail Remover, Nail Biter, Scab Picker, Ear Digger

Man, I see that I am not alone here. I am a 39 year old male and i have been picking sores and biting my nails since I was a kid. In college i also started constantly digging in my ears. Something about the feel of sores in them make me root around with a pen cap until they bleed. I have also started removing my toenails. I have a pretty decent attitude about it, but is it totally disgusting! People constantly ask what happened to my feet. I called a shrink today and we will see how that goes. It is nice to see there are others in this same situation. Anyone else have all of these lovely symptoms, or am I just a total loon? I have seriosly considered getting all of my toenails removed to make me stop. they are in such bad shape that they do me little good. I have read through many of these posts and see lots of similar issues, but not a whle lot of success stories. Is this something one can overcome?
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June 28, 2013
I was a model, my face flawless until i moved in with a man in prison's mom at tender age, i lived with her until i was out! I never had a picking isue before this surely the anxiety of whole situation, in retrospect! Now I have moved on, have a fabulous life but can't stop this habit! My chin right now is picked to shit i feel ugly! started with lip picking now chin, as soon as it is healing, I make it horrid again! I am afraid that someone will think i have herpes, or think, "what the hell is wrong" I love to be pretty, then i do this and feel soooo ugly! the only help is those false nails which damage the cuticle and I think is not clean by far! i do take benzo's not even close to helping! I am glad i am not alone! My resolve is I started at a tender age, in fear and mass anxiety. Today i will put bandaids where my chin is, therefore i cant pick. I worry about my husband to see me yet again like this, all the time i hear 'quit picking" from him and i stop almost unconsciously doing it again, and i will stop, he is away for a night my fingernails full of blood, my chin totally bloody scabby! I have a degree in psych and still can't understand why i cont. to abuse myself like this! And the fake nails have been unsanitary, everywhere and linked to hep a b c, efg,(kidding but 1st three proven to so i guess i'd rather pick my beautiful face! frick Frack! What to do?

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