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RayStar , 22 Feb 2021

Zoloft for Picking?

Hello! I've been seeing a dermatologist for over a year now, I've gone on multiple different medications to reduce my acne. It seems hopeless right now, I pick incessantly on my face, shoulders, and elsewhere. Right now I'm taking spironolactone to reduce acne growth, and Zoloft to hopefully reduce anxiety, as well as these compulsions.

Does anybody here have experience with taking Zoloft to prevent skin picking urges? Does anyone else have advice for acne-specific picking? I'm getting increasingly exhausted with this problem of mine, anybody's input would be extremely valuable <3

1 Answer
March 22, 2021

Hey, I have been prescribed Zoloft for the same reasons, however I haven’t taken it yet as I’m unsure of the side effects and if it will help, has it helped you with your symptoms/urges so far? I would be really grateful to find out! As for acne specific picking, it really helps if you dim the lights while doing your skincare or in any other triggering situations where possible, avoid being too close to mirrors where you can (especially if tired or anxious) and maybe consider using a timer or stopwatch while doing anything that usually results in a picking episode, hope this helps :)

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