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nursingstudent21 , 04 Jul 2009

New on here...looking for help

I am so relieved that I found this site and that there may be a solution to my problem...I have been picking for the past few years, and recently it has developed into a compulsion. It has gone from picking pimples on my face to picking any other little imperfection I see on my body, wishing it will go away... I have never had a severe acne problem, it is mostly mild if anything but I always make it worse than it really is... I can't break this obsession of going in the bathroom every ten minutes to see if it is still there or what I can do to get rid of one or two little bumps on my face. Now I am getting noticible scars all over my face and I know this poses risk of infection. I feel a little more at ease knowing I am not alone and I need advice because it is psychologically disturbing and murdering my self-esteem. Thank You.
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July 06, 2009
Nursingstudent you sound so much like me. I also spend hours finding every little imperfection and pick pick pick. I am in the mirror constantly at home and at work. I jump everytime someone comes into the bathroom at work because I am there picking in the mirror and then I try to pretend I am fixing my hair.
July 07, 2009

In reply to by belsy

BELSY!!! I do the same thing!!! It is almost funny how similar we all sound... I never know quite how to react whenever someone comes into the bathroom during a pickfest. I wipe under my eyes like I'm fixing makeup, or pull my hair back.
July 07, 2009

In reply to by misslinz10

Oh Misslinz I am soooo relieved that we are all so similar. It makes me feel less of a freak. I hate myself so much. Am trying mindfulness exercises prescribed by new psych. We will see how that goes.

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