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scabbypatty , 01 May 2021

Tweezing hairs for ingrown hairs/infected follicles

I have a habit of going from popping pimples to tweeting hairs that appear to be in an infected follicle. I can't stop until I pull a hair that comes out with a white plug on the end. When this is at its worse I end up with a bald spot in my beard, which is unfortunate because I have a sweet beard. I have had to shave my beard and start over because of this. I have gotten this somewhat under control but I still pick at my scalp creating scabs that just don't go away. I don't know why I am posting but it feels good to have somewhere to talk about. it. I suffer from bipolar depression and this behavior is at its worse when I am depressed.

1 Answer
November 22, 2023

Hello :)

It's tough dealing with these habits, especially when they impact something like your beard that you value.

It's great that you're finding a space to talk about it! Opening up, and sharing experiences is a really helpful and therapeutic tool.

These habits, like picking at your scalp, can be really tough to manage, especially when things like bipolar and depression are making it harder to control. It might be helpful to seek support from a therapist who can offer guidance on managing these behaviours, especially during tougher times like when depression hits.

You're not alone in this.

Wishing you well on your healing journey.

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