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Silverakor , 02 Jun 2021

Is this connected to picking?

I've been a picker for years. Scabs, lips and gums....but recently I've started firmly pressing on my teeth until they wiggle a bit and then "click" back into place.

The pain is amazing. As a kid I really enjoyed the feeling of a loose tooth.

Well....I discovered I can loosen my teeth just enough to make them feel just like when I was a kid. Then I bite down a bit and they will make a little tiny pop sound as they shift back into the right position.

It's been about 3.5 months that I've been doing this. I can push on my canine teeth still, and shift them back with that satisfying "click", but my bottom teeth... I now use a water bottle cap to separate them and make them shift...and they dont always click back into place now.

They're becoming loose. I stopped for about a week or so and started back up again recently, but I know that won't be enough to allow my teeths ligaments to tighten back up...

Anyways, I'm wondering if this could be an extension of my skin picking...anyone else expirence something like this?

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