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Maddykitt , 01 Jul 2021

Picking my gums.anyone else?

Hi, I have a problem where I constantly pick my teeth/ gums for hours, I make them bleed and keep picking. Does anyone else do this? I feel very alone. I feel crazy but I enjoy so much the relief it gives me. I know I need to stop and that I’m causing so much damage but it’s the ONLY thing to help me stay calm and relief stress and anxiety. I will take things like straws or other objects and shove them between my teeth and go back and forth until it starts bleeding and until it goes numb. I started very young like 4-5 and done it off and on my life. Until about 3 years ago when I just never stopped.

4 Answers
July 02, 2021

Has the therapist suggested to try cognitive behavioural therapy?

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