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jimmy2 , 05 Jul 2009

meth and picking

when i use dope and find myself alone i tend to pick it us ually starts with pulling out hairs with tweezers then progresses to digging i have almost quit using completely but i still have the picking habit although i can control it some what i notice that my skin breaks out for no apparent reason and it never seems to look healthy have i damaged my skin so bad it will always be weak?
4 Answers
July 19, 2009
yeah, any kind of upper especially speed, coke, meth not only increase the urge to pick (some drugs make you pick insanely) but it makes you get all kinds of zits everywhere too - which just keeps the cycle going. You gotta stop drugs. Find something else. Hell, if you eed drugs that bad, smoke pot! that has the opposite effect, calming, maybe it will help you. But you gotta stop the uppers.
October 12, 2009
I just found out that crystal meth actually crystalizes under the skin of users! That's why regular meth users itch so much. Sounds like Hell on Earth to me!!!
October 16, 2009
I used meth for almost 7 years, this December i will be 5 years sober. And I never picked before meth...One of the things i did the most while using was pick, and i still pick my face and back. It is one of those things that i just cant let go of. The scary part is sometimes after picking i want to use so bad it hurts...even though i have been sober for so long. I think it is because i feel so embarrassed by the way i look after i pick it is hard to deal with all those emotions. good new is i havent given up and i am still sober.

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