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fruitfly123 , 30 Aug 2021

Help me please

Hi, I'm new to this forum but I just really need help. My parents are in control currently of my transportation situation (they own the car), and they have issued an ultimatum: if I don't work on my dermatillomania they'll take away the car that I am allowed to drive. It's something that I have tried to fix in the past and I have always failed at, and I just got a job that I need to drive to, and I really love it and would like to continue working there. I need advice on what to do, because my parents don't understand that it's a way for me to channel all of my energy into one specific spot and if I don't do it it ruins my entire day and it's all I can think about until I do it. Help please!!!!!!!!! Thanks

2 Answers
August 30, 2021

Hi...congratulations on your new job. What exactly are you picking?

Janine Gale
September 23, 2021

I feel you. Personally I don't think Dermatillomania can be managed by taking away your car. What I know is that this website's program has features/offers that can help guardians understand the complexity of this condition. They might benefit from it too and better understand where you are coming from. Kindly ask them to reach out to the admins of this program.

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