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Infinitefarmerr668 , 25 Dec 2021

Is this normal?

I’ve never admitted that I do this to anyone because I felt embarrassed or thought maybe its something that people do sometimes when theyre alone. I bite the skin around my nails and eat it, not to the point where they bleed or are significantly damaged. It is the same with my calloused feet skin. I also eat my finger nails when i bite them and the inside of the skin on my lip. Ive been doing this for a long time i think (i remember the skin around my nails as far back as elementary school) I also used to eat paper and eraser heads occasionally when I was younger (again not to the point where it harmed me) just look for some insight, anything helps!

1 Answer
April 14, 2022

Unfortunately anything we are used to becomes normal for us. Even for alcoholics they often do not realize how drunk they are because it is their normal. I would rather ask a doctor or someone not within this community about whether or not that activity is normal. But I feel it might not be, although to me I do similar things. 

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