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Mountainrdgejane , 08 Jul 2009


I end up covering up as I suppose most of us do. I have just become aware that this was a "condition" related to OCD and self-abuse. I give myself rewards for not abusing myself and then it fails and my arms, back and legs are bloody. Is there something to use that would heal my scabs and itching? I have tried so many things. (Please do not tell me that I need psychiatric help. That is a given.) Write if you have topical help. Thanks
8 Answers
July 08, 2009
I recently started to use AmLactin... you can get it at Walgreen's. It has helped my arm picking a little. I use it at night and it stings a little, but a good kind of sting.... the kind where I know its working. Basically it works to smooth out the skin so that there isn't anything for me to pick. I like to think it has helped some, definitely not all... but I just started using it. A dermatologist recommended i try it. Other than that, I think we are in the same boat... as all of us are. I use hydro cortisone cream for the itching. I usually pile an unnecessary amount onto the blemishes so that (A) I cant see it to pick it, and (B) so that it helps the itching. Who knows if any of this works, I like to believe it at least has a placebo effect. Stay strong!
July 23, 2009

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I just started using AmLactin last night and I really like it. I'm optimistic, but I've been optimistic about all the creams I've tried (you should see how many!!!). I got AmLactin XL which is extra strength. It's pricey and they keep it behind the pharmacy counter (I went to CVS) BUT you don't need a prescription. They just keep it there. The regular AmLactin should be on the skin cream shelf-- I saw that one but I thought I'd go all in and get the juiced up version. The AmLactin website has coupons, also, so that can help with the cost. :)
July 09, 2009
I like to use the Band Aid Hurt-Free Antiseptic wash. It numbs the pain after a picking session while also cleaning the area. It won't do anything to keep you from picking but it always makes me feel a little better if I do pick.
July 11, 2009
I use the Band-Aid antiseptic wash as well. Anything with Tea Tree Oil!
July 19, 2009
I keep it clean, put on neosporin if its bad or proactive on it and try to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy protein. I drink tons of water and take vitamins. I excercise & I get enough sleep. All these things help you repair and renew and hopefully give you less zits that eating crappy food. Plus it feels really good because at least in some way I am taking care/loving myself. If you get real bad you can have a treatment at a plastic surgeon or dermatologist that will remove a layer of skin and hopefully some scarring. But dont waste your money on that if you are going to keep picking.
July 25, 2009
as an alternative, getting out in the sun for 5-10 minutes is something you can do...bring a book an a ball, or 2 thing so you can carry something in each hand. Getting a tan reduces the appearance of spots, and also when I have a good tan (or a burn) I don't pick much, and I don't know why. But yea, even if you don't care for the tan part of it, going for a walk with something in each hand. Do not sit down, if you sit down, you might put something down, and pick. Hopefully that helps someone sometime !
Concerned Mom
October 26, 2009
You could try covering your hands whenever you can...when at home, whenever picking is the worst...I'm saying this because I put socks on my daughters hands so she could not use her fingers/fingernails. At first all day and then later only if she attempted to pick or while watching TV. Of course, as an adult, a pair of cotton gloves would be more appropriate. My daughter has not picked for a little longer than a week and her legs and arms are healed for the first time in months. Just a suggestion. Also, aloe vera promotes skin healing and you could try that. Good luck.

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