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SweetthangStacy , 14 Jul 2009


I have bitten my nails my entire life. Then in 2003 I chose to stop... successfully! Occasionally I have a relapse... right now for example... I have zero nails left. However, I've noticed that when I stopped biting my nails I started picking at my toes. It's embarressing to wear flip flops and have jagged icky looking toenails. Then I moved on to blemishes on my face which can last for hours! I come out of the bathroom with half of my face puffy and red. If I'm out in public and happen to touch my face and feel a bump I have to find a mirror to squeeze/pick at it! Magnifying mirrors are my worst enemy! My once pretty face looks horrible! Then I moved onto small bumps on my arms, legs and upper back. I have dark scars left on my body from bumps I have picked at. I feel like I am "helping them go away" but they look SO much worse than the skin colored itty bitty bumps that they started as. I hate it. I'm glad that I now know what my problem is. I thought I was the only person in the world who did this. I hope that this website can give me the tools I need to STOP and let my wounds heal so I can feel beautiful again!
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July 14, 2009
I have never bit my nails, but I do the same things as you. I have dark purple scars and spots because of the damage I've done to my skin.
July 19, 2009
OMG with exception to the nails...I am the EXACT same way. I am trying so hard to give up my magnifying mirror but im so worried I will not see big groce zits and leave the house - but i still leave the house with scars and sores which I would think would look worse. I am going to take the mirror to work - I cant pick there like I do at home but at least I will be able to check in case there is something - a compromise. I dont pick at my nails because the pain is too intense when they get infected (which is every time I pick them). I pick my lips and nothing stops it so I am going to start therapy. Think it through also, how will you feel when your done, what will your face look like? Are people noticing the scabs and sores? Is that really a zit? Is it reall ready to be removed? Do you deserve this? Do you deserve to be pretty? Try different acne treatments till you find the one that works and stick to it. Dont touch your face and blot the oil with a tissue throughout the day.

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