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vtkmb27 , 14 Jul 2009

Lotions, Potions, and Mindfullness

So I have done a lot of reading since I recently began coming to the site, and I think we need a nice BIG (hopefully) thread about tips, tricks, and solutions, even just momentary ones, that we find. So that when someone needs to go get into the shower and has to face the mirror, we can come review beforehand. We all have stories, but we all also seek help. <3 Being together is a help in itself.
3 Answers
July 14, 2009
great idea, but many great tips and tricks are already in the forums and senior members are reluctant to re-post the same thing over and over. If you want to make a super list, may i suggest copy and pasting various tips and tricks from other threads to this one large thread; thereby eliminating commentary and making it more streamlined. stay strong
July 14, 2009
Well, I never have had a problem with the mirror before going in the shower, but if I keep my hands busy then I can't pick. I usually do things like crafts or play games on the computer, even reading helps a bit or typing. I've also been suggested that wearing gloves may help, but when I wore gloves I found it to not help. My mom always tells me to sit on my hands, but then I can't do anything.
July 19, 2009
I think if I can figure out why I do it, why it feels so good and what it stems from that I will be able to work on stopping it. My picking is hard though because I dont do it as a reaction to something, I do it all the time for the affect of release/smooth/getting bad stuff out. I am going to start therapy this week for this only and anything I learn that works I will post! In the meantime, for my lips - nothing works to stop me. For acne, i bought proactive to reduce the amount of zits. It works OK but it doesnt get them all. I try not to touch my face. I try to blot it with a tissue throughout the day to hopefully take off some oil that might start a zit. If I am trying really hard not to pick a zit I will cover it with the proactive mask before bead and hope it shrinks. I rarely wear skin makeup (Im convinced it just sits in my pores and makes zits). Im very careful about what I put on my face and washing it off completely. I also need to get rid of my magnifying mirror in the bathroom-that is a BAD thing to have when you pick-BAD BAD BAD. I could also change the lighting in the bathroom so that its difficult to see? I have also experienced shame and embarrassment from the times I really went to town and left a lot of marks on my face. I NEVER want to feel that shame and embarrassment again. When I start to pick I try to think about how bad i felt and how long I had to walk around looking like a crack addict - everyone notices that stuff. Thinking it through helps. I might try to get facials (when I have the money) on a regular basis so that I feel like at least someone is watching the zit growth and removing them in a clinical setting. I am also saving up to have that treatment that takes a layer of skin off your face. That will remove some scars, help with acne and also supposed to remove wrinkles. Its expensive but worth it if it does all that. I also use proactive on my shoulders since I get zits there too - I dont put lotion on my shoulders either.

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